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Mansion is an innovative game that lets you live the luxury lifestyle. Mansion is the brainchild of a passion team of developers who are looking to create the ultimate virtual world

About Mansion

At the heart of Mansion is the $MANS token that is designed to provide value to the holder through a deflationary currency plan.

Best of all, Mansion will give you the chance to earn rewards and grow your portfolio. If you love luxury and the chance to earn some real world wealth, then Mansion is the place to be.

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Why Play Mansion?

Mansion is a great idea. However, all great ideas are nothing without having a plan. That’s the difference with our lifestyle focused metaverse. We have looked at what has worked (and what has not worked) in the world of in-game tokens, NFTs, and playability.

This has allowed us to create an in-game experience that is unique, expandable and downright fun. Once you enter the world of Mansion, you will find many opportunities to express yourself, grow your token holds and build a portfolio of NFTs.

Our team is looking to provide the top opportunities and rewards for those who jump on the Mansion game early. Therefore, you will want to take advantage of the incredible opportunity.

Some of the incredible features that you will experience with Mansion:
  • Incredible Mansions that you can create

  • The chance to socialize, build followings and friends

  • The opportunity to own and grow your wallet with the deflationary, Bianance based $MANS currency

  • The chance to mint, buy and sell NFTs directly on our platform. And the opportunity to send those portfolios to other NFT marketplaces.

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How Does Mansion Work?

Mansion is designed to be more than just a game. Mansion is creating a lifestyle with real currency, a real economy and a real ecosystem of people, property and opportunity. Players will experience a complete metaverse that will function as close as possible to the real world. With Mansion, you will be able to purchase your own virtual mansion and purchase NFT based game items that you can place into your mansion.

You also have the opportunity to create your own NFTs that you can place into your mansion. While playing the game, you will have the opportunity to earn $MANS tokens which you can use to purchase NFTs, mansions or convert to other currencies. In short, we have created the world that we would want to enjoy.

An NFT Marketplace That’s
Truly Yours

Did you miss out on the other NFT booms? Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a brand new NFT marketplace Mansions NFT marketplace will allow players to easily mint, buy and sell NFTs. These NFTs are in-game products that will have real value.

We will be working to allow our Mansion NFTs to be transferable to other platforms. If you are looking to get in on an all new NFT platform, Mansion is the place to be.


Some of Mansion Game Screenshots

Mansion is designed to be more than just a game. Mansion is creating a lifestyle with real currency, a real economy and a real ecosystem of people, property and opportunity. Players will experience a complete metaverse that will function as close as possible to the real world.

What makes the Mansion Token smart, secure and worth it

A token that you can use (and want to use)

Sure, other games have tokens. However, the Mansion token ($MANS) is designed to provide you with lots of utility while also being deflationary which may increase its value.

Locked liquidity

Unlike the real world where money buys less. The Mansion token is deflationary. Therefore, the tokens that you earn will likely buy you more!

Play and earn

We are big on rewards. When you have a Mansion wallet, you will get periodic rewards and the ability to earn passive tokens. Mansion will certainly be worth your time and effort.

Token Image
Token Image

The Hard Numbers of the Mansion token

Token supply

With a supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens, we will provide a robust in-game economy. Don’t worry, we plan an initial burn of 25% to make the token truly deflationary. The Mansion token will be listed as $MANS.

Token integrity

Maintaining the value of $MANS is a top priority. That’s why there will be no team nor owner wallet. Also, we will burn 1% of the tokens with each transaction. Our goal is to make $MANS one of the strongest tokens in gaming.

The road to increasing Mansion token value

We are dedicated to creating a powerful and valuable currency. That’s why the Mansion token is engineered to provide you with rewards with each transaction. Also, future profits from the Mansion token will be reinvested back into the game. Finally, Mansion tokens will be burned to maintain and increase the value of the token.


Mansion has a long term to drive interest and growth into the game. We currently have a more than 12 month roadmap to create value to the Mansion metaverse.

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    Q4 2021 - Token Sale

    In the fourth quarter we will design, and prepare the launch of the Mansion game. This includes a fair opportunity to order and collect $MANS token. All transactions will be audited to maintain system integrity. Finally, the $MANS token will be listed which allows for better tracking.

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    Q1 2022 - Beta Launch

    The game will be designed with a focus on creating the most engaging and alluring virtual playground. The Mansion game will be launched for beta testing to perfect every aspect of the experience.

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    Q2 2022 - Publicity

    We are going to make lots of noise! We have plans to create events that will attract big names and big publicity. We seek to make Mansion one of the biggest names in virtual gaming by this time in 2022.

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    Q3 2022 - Big rewards, big expansion

    Once we have people’s attention, we will go all-out with incredible NFT giveaways and rewards programs. Mansion will also expand into other languages to gather players from around the world.

Our Team

Hidro Youssef

Developer, CEO

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Fadi Al-Achek

Head of Social Media

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Vin K.

Business Development

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